Terms and conditions

The following are terms and conditions read together with privacy policy for DavaiBazar.com and you as a customer or user being a legal binding for an official statement must be in consent of our platform that is a legal online pharmacy. Referring to the Information and Technology act 2001 guidelines, this document is an electronic record and not requires any signature due to being available in digital form. Requirement of such terms and service and even privacy policy has been mentioned in Rule 3 (1) of Information and Technology (intermediary guidelines) 2011 and hence to fulfil the mandatory process, such terms and policies are presented to course regarding the platform known as http://designsid.in/dawaibazar/?fbclid=IwAR23KOBaRrRlmf9ScdeFEXLgswV7P5vWM--J23zMcWrkt5W9U2MD-1kuKU0 to implement its rules and terms properly.

Here this web address http://designsid.in/dawaibazar/?fbclid=IwAR23KOBaRrRlmf9ScdeFEXLgswV7P5vWM--J23zMcWrkt5W9U2MD-1kuKU0 hereafter must be referred to be official platform of Davai Bazaar. While in process of registration, it is essential that any user referred to as 'you' must present registration data while he or she is considered to be a legal person willing to use the official website and is therefore consented to the prior requirement of such data to proceed through for accessing the website itself. This agreement of providing registration data however doesn't mean that the company or website has any contractual relation with the user and it’s not in such platform's nature as well.

In context of Doctor or registered medical person required, he or she should be referred as a person fully dedicated to service approved by medical Council of India or by any registered body and should be representative of medical practice termed as doctor or registered medical person applicable. By using the website you are bound by such terms and service and in whatever way we proceed in form of such terms and policy applied with our company should be acceptable to you.

Thus you are requested to read them carefully before moving to use the website for whatever purpose necessary in context of medicines. By visiting, viewing, using or accessing www.davaibazar.com, or going through any information collected, compiled or settled, it is essential to go through such terms and services to have a better idea about the platform first. So, please go through these terms and service before using the website as you are bound by them while using the same, And if you are not agreed to, are not interested to go through, or are not ready to accept such terms and conditions, we request you not to use this website as its duly based by such rules prescribed to work things accordingly.

Creating an account

1.1 To get access to any service of our platform that may include order, promotion, review or any kind of service, it is essential that you provide basic information asked in Customer registration form that may include your name, address, phone number, Email, gender and also you’re billing details to settle the first step around. You are assured that all of your credential information is safely secure within our privacy policy.

1.2 It should be in your accessing nature that you must be responsible for information presented and you provide such a warrant that such information is accurate and should remain to be in such working atmosphere in long run.

1.3 Similarly your user name and password is personal for which you held to be accountable and should not transfer it to any other person by any digital or personal means.

1.4 Our platform should not be held liable if you are not able to maintain your account credentials or they don't get applied by your side in any such certain situation. However if you suspect any misuse it is your duty to report it to us with immediate effect.

1.5 For communication purpose, you must also be active to check out your email so proper electronic information can be shared with you on regular basis. 1.6 It is in our terms that by agreeing to create this account, you must receive transactional and promotion messages both on email, telephone and also on chat. You must agree to it, However if you wish to discontinue receiving such communication messages you must notify us directly via email so we can discontinue them.


By using this website, you consent to receive calls, autodial numbers and other recorded messages on the telephone number provided while registration, being responsible in the face of our privacy policy. It also brings within contact to the information provided to us by third parties and also connecting through your information in which third party connections are listed as well. By using this website for those who have either placed orders, have signed up for single contract or have provided given email using any form must deem fit to receive our transactional or communication email at any given time seems necessary. This consent is considered within to personal as well seems elaborate market related calls.

And to dismiss receiving any such emails in future, you can drop us an email to stop receiving such messages in communication form. It may also be possible that contractors who have a certain contract of promotion with us might wish to contact as it’s also mentioned in our privacy to do such task routinely. However such type of contact should also seem only fit if any contract seems to be appropriate within agreement of multiple parties in functioning of such contract. The sharing of information should be covered under our privacy policy and we shall not provide any of your personal information to any third party with no allowance in procedural method of any deal, agreement or contact in active presence of it. Mostly you can visit our privacy policy to update further regarding the same.

Customer membership, usage and eligibility

The membership of the platform is restricted for members at certain period of age, or to those who require other's support including parental or guardian support, or in such position where they can mislead miners being in majority, or are not in set forth condition of the obligations, representations or warrantee set for such terms and conditions, and they must be abide with such terms of use. Also membership can't be availed to those who not deem fit under the rules of Indian contract act of 1872 and they would become incompetent. Further its user's responsibility to protect the confidentiality of user name and password and it shall come under your work actions within the website. In any case false or inaccurate information has been provided, or the website feel so that you have done, then the website holds the right to suspend the user account without prior to any official notice. It must also be in your common knowledge that website's performance depends on the company's control and it can be upgraded at any time according to the needs feel specific. Thus we not assure that after up gradation whether your account would function the same way or not and you must be liable to it ultimately.

Price and payment

The use of this website doesn't apply any hidden or other motives of costs involved. However, if required in future, this no charge policy can be amended and as a customer you must be prepared for it. In case of requiring a personal consultant, it should be in your hand to pay such medical practitioner, like if you require phoning advice you should pay the practitioner beforehand, and if you visit a doctor for consultation to a clinic then you must pay prior to such person considered by our medium. It is also essential that as a buyer you must choose any service and pay accordingly to utilise this section.

In case of seller it refers to us, and while you are performing any payment by certain web mode, we should not be liable of any loss, damage or responses in these cases, that may involve:

  • Lack of authentification for any transaction
  • Acceding the money limit agreed between you and the bank,
  • Any payment issue rising after the transaction has been performed,
  • Decline of transaction made against the payment.

As per our rules, the payment currency for all done transactions should be based on Indian rupees, and the website doesn't take transactions in any other foreign currency and should not allow proceeding for payment in such form of monetary effort. There are also some guidelines regarding payment done that has to be considered further:

1.1 All applicable products for which payment has been made would require mandatory taxes to proceed,

1.2 We try our best to provide availability of products on accurate basis and you should go along with the trend but if there may be an error on product relative terms you can refer to us,

1.3 However in some cases it should not be our responsibility to make sure cancelling or error removal process and hence it depends on us how to maintain products related track record,

1.4 Delivery time may vary according to the choice of location and the process it takes to deliver,

1.5 Payment methods for our products may allow forms such as Credit/debit card, net banking and cash of delivery service,

1.6 However credit/debit cards and net banking transactions are processed in payment mode by our monetary partners and are safe as well as secure.

Information usage on website

1.1 The information provided on this website doesn't pertain to any professional medical condition or advisory by any other medical authority's being its substitute. Here it becomes essential that as a person you not take direct medical decisions and if doubts have you do visit a medical consultant for advice instead which we can arrange the best as experts on the web.

1.2 We don't endorse any decisions or view’s endorsement based on our content to which you may not subject to its quality or performance at any rate. In short your feedbacks, queries and reviews are welcome on basis of your own thoughts but they don't constant the idea of professional relationship between you and us and it remains to be a business oriented position.

Third Party information

The content where all these items such as texts, graphics, user interface, visual interface, photographs, trademarks, logos, sounds, music, design document and artwork is displayed belongs to us as our content. However there may be some links featured at our website that has to be third party resources and not belong to us. To clear the idea behind, we are only intermediary group and have no control on the content shared by them inside such links. Though, if any case regarding intellectual party or loss or damage of personal factor within such third party platform occurs, they should deem responsible and we should not be liable to it. If you find such issues you can drop us an email, however when expressly allowed in any use including reproducing, republishing, uploading, posting, public sharing, encoding, translation and in other form by any platform, server or computer, its upgraded in written form not be misused in any form or purpose without our soul permission.

User obligations:

There are certain rules or restriction that comes by using our website that you have to abide to:

1.1 You are bound not to cut, copy, delete, modify, recreate, reverse engineer, distribute, disseminate, or do any action in case of derivative works to sell or transfer or copy software installations that seems against our terms of use. With our prior permission, only actions allowed should be brought into effect. To be cleared regarding the precept, reproduction of content or content use for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited including all ways by which data exchange policy is obtained by sellers and buyers is done in current modification scenario. Further there are certain things you should not allow third parties that may include:

I. Create and distribute false web addresses,

II. Attempt to reproduce, generate or hosted domain services by same name for commercial and modulation,

III. Or create derivative works relative to the website itself.

1.2 It is agreed between you as a user and us that our interface in form of website should be only medium by which you should access our platform. The use of any certain programme, algorithm, robot or spider and other such ways is strictly not allowed. You should also consider that by accessing the website you become exposed to other users' data in front that may be objectionable at times. By such means if you find any offensive content, we are not liable to it but we should not allow its presentation and ask you to follow the same path. More than anything, if you feel that such content doesn't seem fit on our platform, you can email us so we can take action upon it.

1.3 Our website has consented you to provide or upload information and hence as a user it’s your responsibility to provide such content within certain laws. Further you adhere to maintain the terms and conditions not trying to apply below factors:

A. To abuse, defame, dissolute or by any means to go against the facts mentioned within laws,
B. Being involved in certain internet activity that disrupts the functioning of serving network or server on which the website is based,
C. Misleading the platform with false information or representing an unknown identity to which you don't belong,
D. To misrepresent or share any information which is harmful in nature of its content,
E. Share such file that infringes copyright, patent or such certain legal entity,
F. Upload such files that contain virus, webworms or such forms that is harmful for network,
G. Trying to download such file from a user which is not legally bound,
H. Trying to probe or scan the vulnerability of website or on the network, in which it’s based,
I. Disrupt the security of the website or trying to provide or install such mechanism that poses challenge to such security,
J. Collect or store data of other users who are working on the same website,
K. Willing to use the website in a way that is prohibited by law mentioned within terms and conditions,
L. Violate patterns or guidelines applicable mentioned regarding the same and overlooking the code of conduct in due respect,
M. Willing to violate laws regarding the same created outside our country or mainly India,
N. Violate any other terms of use mentioned from an outer source or performing such tasks which are not legal to such platforms,
O. Violate such certain guidelines pertaining to any service provided by the website itself,
P. Performing such tasks through connection to website that threatens the unity, integrity and national strategy of India or its friendly countries,
Q. Sharing any such information that is misleading or not covers the laws by working platforms outside of India,
R. Trying to provide offers either directly or indirectly of those products that are prohibited within the norms or laws,
S. Create liability for us or forcing us to loose our position within the internet framework by disrupting the connection with our internet service provider.

While we are not liable for your actions taken, still if you not follow these clauses mentioned above, it would seriously be enough to take certain legal or criminal action against you as a user pertaining to our website. We can only provide discretion at the time being relative to certain investigation made possible against you involved in such activities and we only subject the matters to disclose in case of personal injuries. You are already aware that it would mostly deem fit for us to disclose information of any person as a user on basis to settle with any law, regulation or government action based on request.

This may be appropriate in context of investigation made where we can disclose such information or in case of any legal action including court order where we can’t be held for monitoring but we can consider individual procedure as necessary. However we have the right to edit or remove any content that doesn't fulfil the terms governed by law and we are able to terminate such classified information. Still it’s your responsibility to make sure that content presented is pure and doesn't infringe any legal terms and we should not guarantee on posting such content to be legally punished as it also depends on you to maintain clear posture. At the most least, you have the right to decide what type of content should be in our platform, you are now aware about our third party information, are well on your own to arrange such information and hence must make sure that it doesn't infringe any proprietary rights at the discression of it.

Terms of sales

1.1 The platform is ready to accept any order that is placed without any liability addressed.
1.2 It rests on us to discontinue any programme or order if reported by any means on soul discretion of it.
1.3 It also stays with us that we can limit the quantity of order without any prior notice according to its availability here.
1.4 We believe that you along with your personal information and health information has safely disclosed it and it remains in tact with our privacy policy, but you must consider that you are fit to take such products and do not require any physician's examination.
1.5 It must be clear to you that all such medical products are sold in vigilance and approval of an affiliate pharmacist.
1.6 It should also be in your response if a parent or an authorise member wish to witness patient, all documents, necessary guidelines and other formal move should be visualise and steps like these have to be in action-

A. Obtaining the proper prescription that you have sent, or
B. Packaging such prescription and delivering it to you; At the end of it, by going through such process, you allow the package to be sent to your designated location.
This should include collecting and verifying the order on patient's guardian or affiliate's response and it assures that you have been bound to such terms as certain representative on work.

1.7 Ultimately if you approve to be patient's guardian or an affiliate member, you take complete notice of being elder in majority, responsible for the person and should take his or her health care properly by use of such products.


It is very clear to our customers that we are only intermediary between the services booked for medical prescriptions and advice of medical expert or doctor connected to by our platform. Once the confirmation made in form of an appointment, the company should arrange such meeting with the consulted doctor on basis of time provided, settlement of location and other valuable requirements. Once the appointment is confirmed, we would not be able to proceed with any type of refund if cancellation occurs for such purpose. For alternative needs like it was earlier mentioned, company should deem fit to provide partial or certain part of amount in condition of unavailability and only on that purpose refund works.

Thus these are our terms of use, privacy policy and certain rules and guidelines. Like it was mentioned in earliest of statement, we ask you to follow them strictly and if you not, then you better not use this website as this rule governs the process by which our website runs and should be strictly in work force...