Privacy policy

Your personal identification in form of information is complied on basis of our privacy policy. To further understand how we collect, close and disclose your identification details, you can visit our privacy policy page to give it a better overview. We have a very clear view that the information you share with us is of urgent importance and we take care of it. Thus we make sure that we don't allow its misuse and also use it carefully in all possible manners applied. It is also in our practices that we don't share this information with other companies or any third party compliers for any use. And that's how we govern our privacy policy to maintain your personal identification safe and secure.

Security policy

We assure complete online gateway safety while ordering your products on our platform so your transaction are safe and are not shared to anyone else. Further we provide an incription network which can't be breached easily and here privacy is safe so all your transaction, details and gateway you have used to transfer are virtually safe and are hidden to any party willing to mislead it on the web around. Thus you can do order products with transactions done and it would be safe to order medicines online with ease from our platform.

User content

If you wish to share any content at our place, it naturally becomes our used content and its rights belong to us once shared. As far its use is concerned, we should revert back to our privacy policy maintaining fine judgement, shall make sure that it doesn't become derogatory in any relative prospect, if it’s advertising or promotional then should be used in right accordance in law, and you can be assured of its right use in elementary mode. By sharing such content, we also become licence for such rights and if any infringement comes, we deserve the availability to take certain action seems necessary. We also hold the right to control the position of such content whether to edit or remove it from our publishing place or serve on which our website run accordingly. It also rests with the user sharing the content to verify the authenticity of the content with its time, impression and nature for its proper presentation. More than anything, we do possess the right to verify the quality and authenticity of such content shared with source included so it comes in proper shape. If we feel as such, we can include third party teams to verify and upload such content on basis of their consulted feedbacks also. We are in no way liable if any misinformation is considered related to this, however we can take certain action to remove it after informed by authority related that such content doesn't follow such legal guidelines and once intimidated we should take necessary action on it.

Return and refund policy

Refund policy

Here at our web platform, we make sure that you do get satisfied by our products. Though, we are happy to provide refund policy in certain conditions as mentioned below- Full refund possible if:

  • On receiving of a defective product
  • The item you have ordered got damaged while it was in transfer process,
  • The ordered item has past expiry date before reaching to you;

It should also be noted that refund policy in such case may very on its mode according to circumstances.

If refund asked for has to be via credit/debit card or by net banking, allow 7 to 10 working days to occur in processing of such refund. Though if any inconvenience is caused while the refund is in process due to duration acceding, it depends on bank to transfer and we have no control over such terms of use. Although if the mode of payment has to be DBS vaullet, it’s possible to be provided accurately in gap of next 24 hours.

How to request a refund:

To make a refund possible, just drop us an email with order details including expressing us the cause and personal details for processing it on demand. We are very serious about customer's feedback and it helps us improve our quality of products. Still if you have any queries, you can call us for further response, we are here to help you.

Return policy

We try to make sure that the products delivered to you must be in order of your specification asked for. Still, if you get any product that is incomplete, damaged or defective, it is in your duty to revert back to us so we can sort out the problems relative to same in next 10 working days and provide you a better product. Please also note that our website should not liable to you if you fail to report us in prior to these 10 working days relative to the product's specification. We also have basic idea that despite products being whole; sometimes a customer is not interested to take such complete product. In such case, we are ready to accept returning of such unopened or packed product but should charge 20% of the entire cost deducting to it as part of our returning policy.

Returning policy exceptions

Please note that there are certain products which can't be replaced or returned to our web platform, they may include: injections, health monitors, equipment and ortho support. Also we have certain non-refundable policies for such certain products and we labelled very clearly in their product page that they are "not allowed to be refunded" and we strictly follow it in our nature.

Thus this is how we maintain our privacy policy.